Haimo Wei’s Second Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition: Growing Up

Haimo Wei

Opening: 2-4pm, September 19, 2021
September 19 – 25, 2021

Wei Haimo is a grade 12 high-school student at Richmond Hill High School. In her art exhibition, she demonstrated her growth over the past two years through her paintings and calligraphy works.

This exhibition is her second solo exhibition, following the First Haimo Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition held by grade one of Nanjing Jinling High School Hexi Campus four years ago. Most of the works in this exhibition were created in the past two years.

She has won the top award “Diamond Award” twice in the competition “I am a Little Painter of Chinese Tennis” held in Canada.

Her watercolor work “Net” won the first prize in the grand final in Munich, Germany.

Her multi-material sculpture “Infiniteness of Feminine Virtue” was also selected into the UN Sustainable Development Art Exhibition and online forum in 2020.

She published a children’s picture book “Me and My Lambs”, which she created at home during the pandemic in 2020.

From 2017 to 2020, she participated in the Global Chinese Youth Calligraphy Conference for successive four years. During this period, her calligraphy made a qualitative leap. She won the Internet Popularity Award in 2017. Meanwhile, she was ranked top 500 and won the Star with Potential Award in a competition held in Zhaoqing, Guangdong in 2018. In 2019, she was ranked top 100 and won the Star of Tomorrow Award. In 2020, she was ranked top 10 among 180,000 people in the Global Chinese Youth Painting and Calligraphy Art Conference and won the New Star of Painting and Calligraphy Award.

At four years old, Haimo started to learn calligraphy and painting and received first place at many national calligraphy and painting competitions for primary and secondary school students.

Since the age of ten, Haimo has participated in many public welfare activities held in Toronto as the youngest member of the Nanjing Association of Canada due to her talent in calligraphy.

During this period, three calligraphic works of hers were collected by relevant memorial halls, such as the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders.

She returned to Canada in 2018, and currently studies in Grade 12 of Richmond Hill High School in Ontario.

Over the past three years, Haimo has achieved excellent performance in all subjects of high school.

She has donated several of her art works to a couple of charity auctions in Toronto.

Haimo will sell a part of the works exhibited this time onsite and online. In the names of Haimo and the buyers, all the earnings will be donated to disabled students at Richmond Hill High School in York Region, Canada, as well as epidemic prevention workers at one nursing home in Nanjing and one in Toronto.

Please click here for the charity sale.

September 2021, Toronto

  • 兰亭序
  • Imitation of Van Gogh's Oil Painting Starry Night
  • 抗灾
  • Reverie I
  • Me and My Lambs 2
  • Woman on the Elevator
  • 韩愈《初春小雨》
  • 茸茸毛色自含黄
  • 杜荀鹤《题弟侄书堂》
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