Seeking Peradise?

Charles Choi

Opening: 7-9pm, November 9, 2019
November 8 – December 6, 2019

Charles Choi

Charles Choi was born in Shanghai, China and immigrated to Canada in 1995. He learnt painting at the age of 4, with the focus on western master paintings and their creation. In recent years, his focus has been on‘Concrete Expression’- the combination of fundamental painting skills, personal touch and a contemporary approach. He was a multi-award winning artist both in Canada and China including the “Gold Award”of Arts and Letters Club Next 2 art exhibition in 2017,“Best of the Show”in ‘Society of Canadian Artists’Members Annual Art Show in 2013. His work is represented in private and public collections across Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Singapore and China.

Choi says it is his intention to truly express his subject‘as it is’together with his own inner feeling. The color he uses is sweet and gentle, with rich and free brushstrokes which represents the moment in which he paints.

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Seeking Paradise?

Someone once said……Heaven is where God is while Paradise can be found on Earth. Since I fell in love with oil painting by the age of 4, I started my journey of “Seeking Paradise” with my swirling brushstrokes.
Along all those years of searching, exploring, experiencing and tasting what life is, my style of painting keeps changing, changing with this micro and macro world. But again, “Seeking Paradise” through my artwork is yet be my hidden goal and mission.
Recently, refer to one of my awarded painting, “Chair #11”, “While contemplating this art piece, suddenly I felt an urge to sit on that couch, really feel like home……with peace and harmony!” said by one Jury. I felt grateful that my artwork can extend that “Paradise-feel” to others.
Hmmmm, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, have you ever found your paradise?Come joining me on the evening of Nov 9th, 2019, maybe we can seek “Paradise” together with my latest oil painting collection!
Charles Choi (Sept 11th, 2019)

About Paradise

Every time when I indulge in capturing the light, framing the objects into good composition, choosing the best color tone, so and so……Then until all my heart and energy blended with the paints, and the final product appeared on canvas as what I projected, I can gradually relax to sip my coffee.  The whole process of creation, to me……is a journey of “Seeking Paradise”.

In reality, where is my Paradise? A few snapshots came to mind……the moment when I got my behalf company chartered for IPOs; when I finally won the tournament of tennis match after 3-hour hard games; soak in authentic onsen enjoying bowl of ice cream in Tokyo; 4-hour non-stop climbing to reach volcano Mt Etna in Sicily……

Along all those years of searching, exploring and tasting what life is, gradually I realized not a specific destination or attaining something to be claimed as “Paradise”.  Any external achievement or short-term paradise feel, come and go, vanish like bubbles.  We all have an in-built Paradise……in our Heart.

Only when I look deep inside, there I found a Pure land, fill with love, joy and peace, that tranquility is where my intact Paradise lies.  This realization totally changes my perspective.  When you change your mind, everything changes; such inside-out projection helps me see Beauty in everything.

After revealing that Truth, “Paradise” is easily found at my fingertips, cos Paradise, is simply a state of Mind…… “Here and Now” !


  • Afternoon Tea 29.5 x 29.5 2017
    Oil on Canvas
  • Chair Series #1 20 x 16 2019
    Oil on Canvas
  • Chair Series #4 20 20 x 20 2019
    Oil on Canvas
  • Chair Series #5 20 x 16 2018
    Oil on Canvas
  • Chair Series #7 20 x 18 2019
    Oil on Canvas
  • Chair Series #8 36 x 24 2019
    Oil on Canvas
  • Chair Series #9 20 x 16 2019
    Oil on Canvas
  • Chair Series #10 20 x 16 2019
    Oil on Canvas
  • Chair Series #11 26 x 18 2019
    Oil on Canvas
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